WriteSmarter Business & Creative Writing School

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How can you help me become a better writer and communicator?

Why choose the WriteSmarter Business Writing School?

Because we teach you the skills and techniques to write better letters, emails, report and minutes - all of which will help you in business and your career.


Why choose the WriteSmarter Creative Writing School?

Because we teach you the skills and techniques to write better and more creative stories - as well as help you get your manuscript publisher ready.



How are you Business Writing and Creative Writing courses conducted? 

Our courses are conducted on a personalised, one-on-one basis by email - wherever you are and whenever it suits you. You receive each module in turn as you progress. The modules build one on the other, progressing to the next level in a structured format, thereby ensuring that you are exposed to all the necessary tools and build your skills set so as to achieve your goals as a writer. Each module ends with an assignment that you submit for comprehensive feedback.


What feedback do I get and in what format?

Detailed feedback on written assignments will be sent to you within seven days after submission. Feedback is done directly in your assignment, using comment / review blocks, track changes and with well-motivated suggestions for improvements. These suggested improvements to content as well as language will show you what changes need to be made and how to take your writing to the next level.


Who will be my tutor and what training and experience does he/she have?

You will be tutored by experienced writers who are respected professionals in their respective fields.


With the Business Writing Courses you will be working with an experienced businessman and mentor / coach, John Taylor. John will help you develop those essential business writing skills that will turn you into an effective communicator, thereby enhancing your career prospects and building your business. Find out more about John here. 


With the Creative Writing Course you will work with Janie Oosthuysen-Taylor, a published author and experienced editor. Janie will help you from finding a suitable story idea, all the way through to developing lifelike characters with personalities and a spell-binding, complex plot, to a completed manuscript ready for submission to an established publisher or magazine. Find out more about Janie here.


Are your courses accredited and do you issue certificates?

All students receive a Certificate of Completion on successfully completing their course.


How long has WriteSmarter been in existence?

Many people just like you have learnt to write effectively and efficiently at WriteSmarter since its inception in 2011. You can become one of them too by enrolling in one of our most affordable courses.


What writing skills will I develop?

You will learn how to fully inform and thereby influence people with the power of words. Your new writing skills make all your communications more professional which will help improve your business and enhance your career prospects.


How affordable are the WriteSmarter courses? And do you offer a money back guarantee?

You don't have to pay it all at once - we offer the most affordable payment plans as well as a money back guarantee. This means that you can get all your money back if you feel that your course was a waste of time.


What do I need in order to enrol?

- Access to a computer, email and the internet.

- The desire to work smart and become successful.


It's all so easy - enrol at WriteSmarter so we can help you to achieve your goals in business or as a creative story writer.



Are you looking for an increase in salary or a job promotion?

Do you want to take your business to the next level?


How will a business writing course help me?

Our Business Writing courses are designed to help you acquire superior business writing and communication skills, as well as general computer and office management skills. Choose our Basic Writing Skills or one of our Short Courses - and become better and more successful in business.


How can a business writing skills course further my career in business?

Our courses in general business communication skills teach you how to get the job done skillfully and cost-effectively - this will get you noticed by management for all the right reasons.


How can I write better and more effective formal letters? 

You will become an expert at formal letter writing which include an offer of employment, letter of reprimand and dismissal, letter to terminate a lease or a contract, a letter of appointment as well as formal letters regarding disciplinary hearings and the like.


How can I write better and more effective business emails?  

Emails are key to business today and you will find out how to write emails that are effective, succinct and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn how to cut down on wasted time and effort by using "the power of email".


How can I write better business reports?

We will teach you how to compile and write reports that will present the information in a logical and systematic format that will take the reader through the steps leading to the right conclusions and recommendations.


How can I write better minutes?

You will learn how to record business meetings and compile accurate and effective minutes that become an action plan. In addition, there are many other minute taking skills, including how to write notices for meetings, compiling an agenda with the attendee list and managing and monitoring action items and similar administration tasks.



How do I become a successful author?

The secret to success is to write something new, fresh and exciting. Readers are always looking for something different that will capture - and keep - their attention. 


How do I grab my reader's attention?

We teach you how to create powerful images and word pictures as well as write a convincing action-filled plot with believable and contrasting characters who will entertain the reader with easy flowing dialogue and lots of interaction between them.


How do I get my book or manuscript published? 

We use our extensive contact base to help advise you about the genre that your books fits into as well as the appropriate publishers most likely to want your book.


How do I find an editor for my book or manuscript?

Although there are people who offer editing services we find that most reputable publishers will offer a package deal which includes the costs of editing your book. Of course the more you practice the writing technique we will teach you, the easier it becomes to do your own editing.


How do I choose a creative writing course?

Check out the credentials of the people behind the course and their proven track record as published authors. Then make sure you'll get personal service with individual interaction and comprehensive written feedback to your assignments. Lastly, make sure you get a money back guarantee in case you feel the course wasn't worth the money.


How do I write a book?

Our Eight Module Plan takes you step by step from the beginning to the end of the process, starting with finding a story spark and developing it into a story plan that works. From there we teach you how to use point of view and dialogue to enhance your story as well as create action-packed scenes.


How do I get ideas for a book?

All writers suffer from so-called "writer's block" now and then and there will be times when you don't know what to write next or an idea for a story eludes you. We will explain and teach you techniques so that you can find that special idea or story spark that will translate into a successful story.  



WriteSmarter provides a dedicated and personal service to each and every student according to their needs and how far they want to progress.


As a Business Writing student will I be equipped with core skills thereby enhancing my opportunities for employment, promotion and success?

We teach you all the skills for success in business as a top communicator by mastering how to write formal letters, emails, reports and minutes.


As a Creative Writing student will you help me to find a suitable publisher for my manuscript?

We teach you all the skills and provide you with the tools to fully prepare your manuscript in the correct format including the necessary cover letter so that you have the best chance of catching the eye and attention of a suitable publisher.


LIVE HELP: If you’d like to chat or have any queries please email to schedule a SKYPE call with John WriteSmarter.